Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Giveaway winner + Target finds

 Good morning, I have a giveaway winner to announce! The winner of the Fall Into London print is.....

Congratulations, Kristen! Check your email.

Thanks to Eleni for sponsoring this great giveaway, and thanks to everyone who entered! Now is a great time to pick up your favorite print because the Fall Into London New Year's sale is still in effect. Enter the code NEWYEAR13 for 10% off.


In other news, I'm a Target whore.

I went in to grab light bulbs last week and left with like two carts full of home decor.

What have I become.

I'm normally all about supporting small shops and buying vintage/antique, but I couldn't resist a pair of these guys:

I got the black shades with white trim there, too, but I'm not so impressed with the quality. The trim is glued on wonky on both shades :/

I also picked up a pair of these coral x-benches for $60 a piece, which I don't have to tell you is a steal. I'm still keeping an eye out for a nice cushy pair to get reupholstered in leopard, gray, or magenta velvet, but these are nice placeholders in the meantime.

{instagram: @theaestate}

PS- FYI, I've begun hoarding incandescent light bulbs. In case you haven't heard they're banning all incandescent bulbs in the US, just like they did in the EU years ago. So, if you hate CFLs as much as I do, start stocking up...


  1. your floors look fab!! and your etagers!! (le sigh) awesome goodies!

  2. i love those x-benches! i've been looking for something liek that for a while. i cant find them on the target website - any ideas? thank you!!

  3. I can't decide if I should get the x-benches or not!!!! AHHHH. Dilemma.

  4. Yay! So excited to have won :) Isn't Target the best?! Those benches are an insane deal!

  5. I'm a target slut myself. Let's hang out.

    I can't believe those x benches. Didn't find them at a Target by me. Wah.

  6. Oh my about the light bulbs! I can't believe it. PS congrats to Kristin!

  7. Haha we picked up 2 24packs of 75 watters last week!

  8. WHAT target is insane! I need X-benches in my life, STAT. Target cannot get to Canada soon enough!

  9. I can't believe you found those X-benches in Target! I always only see the dark leather ones. aaarghhhh. So freaking lucky. Anywho, I finally won your awesome print! Over at the GlamourMash. Mentioned it too on today's post:
    Can't wait!

  10. Looooove this new Target collection. I've been forced to ban myself from all Target shopping for the time being to avoid purchasing everything in the home decor section.

    Is that true about incandescent bulbs? I thought only bulbs above a certain wattage (120 or something) were being banned??? If so, I must stock up immediately! Ack!

  11. Target is everyones secret (or not so secret!) vice. THe lamp is great--even with the messed up shade! Great shopping finds! Have a great Monday!

  12. slightly obsessed with your target finds - i want those x benches bad. but the color isn't going to work , boooo :-( p.s. i need to see your house asap. or else i might die. only slightly dramatic here ;-)

  13. LOVE the Target X Benches! I was racking my brain of a place to put them in my home because I just love them so much!!!

Holly Foxen Wells


  14. I could still get incandescent bulbs in the Netherlands. The production is banned, not the sales of them, so eventually we'll just run out. You can get LEDs if you don't like CFLs.


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