Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Snake Pit

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Definitely not for everybody, but I love these snake-inspired pieces. Especially those sconces, which I've probably blogged about before.

And not related to snakes, but...

-To celebrate her 2 yr blogiversary, Miya from Design Indulgences will be giving away one of my 8 x 10" watercolor prints. Click over to enter.

-A big thank you to Christine from Bijou & Boheme for giving my little shop a mention in the latest issue of Style At Home. Dying to see her kitchen on the cover of January's issue!


  1. I am definitely a fan of these snake pieces...real snakes, not so much. That table is stunning!!


  2. Love all these pieces - my best friend has that last ceramic snake! Happy thanksgiving!
    xoxo e (modern24seven)

  3. Yay for snakes and serpents. You found some great ones there, I agree the sconces are bomb-diggity.

  4. I am SO a fan! As someone who used to get in a rattlesnake pit for a living, I can't get enough of snakes! Loving every one of these pieces! Need them all!


  5. I'm not into skulls but I love snakes. I wear a few snake sparkly charms as well as rings. But that chandelier and mirror is everything!

    Also, thanks Jessica for doing the giveaway. I really truly appreciate it and your support. You ARE, after all, the biggest commentor on my site. You've beat the others officially several months back LOL. :-)

  6. Die for that mirror! I saw the mention on the Style at Home screenshot on Bijou & Boheme - congrats!!! :)

  7. I sort of die over all of it- especially the sconces and the rug. And thank you for the sweet mention- you know I was soooo happy to feature your shop in my piece...your shop is one of my very favourites:)

  8. I hate snakes, but a snakeskin purse I dont mind since it's dead. Some of these may be too much since I have a horrific fear of snakes. It didn't help there was a 7ft snake in my backyard this summer that my dog tried to get, and then a few months later I found a snakeskin in the front yard. I was ready to out our house on the market. :)

  9. The mirror has me lusting...beautiful....the sconces are pretty cool too.


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